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This Privacy Notice explains how Deltec Energy Solutions, established in the Republic of South Africa (collectively referred to herein as the “Deltec Group” or “we“) is responsible for processing your personal information, the purposes for which we process and use your personal information, the way we protect your personal information and your rights in respect of your personal information.

Our Commitment with your Privacy

At the Deltec Group, we are aware that all people who collaborate with us (including job candidates, employees, former employees, customers, and contractors) have the right to privacy and the protection of their personal information. Therefore, we are concerned to establish and maintain in force controls, measures and procedures that allow us to protect the personal information of all identifiable, living natural persons and identifiable existing juristic persons who interact with us in compliance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPIA“), its regulations and any other applicable regulations concerning data protection.

This Privacy Notice is intended to inform our customers, contractors, job candidates, employees, and former employees (collectively, “Data Subjects” or “you“) of the privacy policies and practices that govern the Deltec Group and the rights that you enjoy.

Why is it important for me to read this Notice?

This Notice details how the Deltec Group use your personal information and the rights you have. Please take a minute to review this information.
This Privacy Notice provides information relevant to:

Unless specifically stated otherwise, the term “you” in this Notice refers to any of the groups of persons referred to herein, unless a reference to a particular Group is made in this Privacy Notice. Although, the purposes for processing the personal information of each of the groups referred to above may be different, in general, we are concerned to protect such information in the same manner, in compliance with POPIA. Therefore, unless specifically stated otherwise in this Notice, the terms (“you” and/or “Data Subjects“) include Candidates, Employees, Contractors, Customers and/or any of the persons stated above. For purposes of clarity with our Candidates and our Contractors, it is noted that this Privacy Notice does not constitute a job offer or an employment contract, or an indication of any form of association with the Group.

Personal information we collect from you

The Deltec Group has and will continue to assess the state of personal information to which the Group has access to, and which it stores. The Group has assessed all the personal information and determined why the information is required, for what period it is required, how and why it is processed whether it is required for further processing to third parties, how that information is safely stored, the destruction of non-relevant or complaint information, and the required consent for the information.

Once the purpose of retaining the information is no longer valid, and where necessary, it will be destroyed or deidentified.

The personal information we collect from you depends on the relationship you have with us, whether as a Candidate, an Employee, Contractor or Customer and/or any of the persons stated in item 2 above. The personal information we can request from you is listed below. The information that is collected will only be dine with a defined purpose, and the storage and destruction of it will be aligned to the policy and procedures of the Group. The information can include in the following, but depending on the reason for collecting the information, will not include all the following:

Authorization to contact third parties (personal or professional references)

The Deltec Group may contact third parties related to you in the following cases:

Where we request such information, we request you to ensure that the third-party data you provide is accurate, complete, and correct, verifiable, and has the permission of the third party to disclose it and is up to date.

Means through which we obtain your personal information

The Deltec Group may obtain a Candidate’s personal information through different means:

The Deltec Group may obtain an Employees’ personal information through different means:

The Deltec Group may obtain an External Contractor’s personal information through different means:

The Deltec Group may obtain a customer’s, client, or suppliers’ personal information through different means:

Purposes for which the Company processes your personal data.

Although the purposes may vary according to the legal relationship that you have with the Deltec
Group, in general, your personal data is used for the following purposes:

Transfers of personal data

The Deltec Group may communicate or transfer your personal data to different entities for the purposes established in this Notice. These transfers are made to the extent that they are necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of the contractual relationship between the Deltec Group and you. Any of the transfers referred to below may be national or international, however any international transference of personal information will require specific personal consent.

Your Privacy Rights

All our Employees, Candidates External Contractors and Customers, clients and suppliers may always, have a right to request from the Deltec Group access to their personal information or the correction of such personal information. Likewise, you may request us to delete or erase your personal information. You may also object to the Deltec Group processing your personal information for specific purposes and you may revoke any consent previously granted to the processing of your personal information (the “Data Subject Rights“). Your Data Subject Rights may be subject to limitations detailed in applicable laws. Your rights in terms of the POPIA include to be informed if someone is collecting your personal information, to be informed if your personal information has been accessed by an unauthorized person, to access, correct, amend, and destroy your own personal information, object to having your personal information being processed and to withdraw your consent, or object to information being stored or processed.

To exercise your Data Subject Rights, you must send the Deltec Group a request addressed to the following email address: Employees may also send queries or complaints in connection with their privacy rights to our Information Officer to this email address or as set out in item 12 below.

In case you decided to exercise your Data Subject Rights, our Information Officer may inform you of: (i) the information that you will need to provide for identification purposes as well as the documents you may need to enclose with your request; (ii) the expected timeframe for receiving a response from us regarding your request; (iii) how to submit your request, including the forms that you will be required to use, if available; and (iv) the form in which we will deliver your information to you (which usually may be copies of documents or digital files).

In terms of POPIA, you are entitled to approach the South African courts and you can lodge a complaint with South Africa’s Information Regulator in respect of any alleged interference with the protection of your personal information. The contact details of South Africa’s information regulator are as follows:
Physical address: JD House, 27 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001
Postal address: P.O. Box 31533, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2017
Email address:

Available options for you to limit the use or disclosure we make of your personal information

As a Candidate, Contractor or Employee, client, or supplier, you may at some point wish to explore whether there are ways to limit the way we use or disclose your personal information in any particular way.
i. a Candidate may request that we do not send him/her emails informing him/her of vacancies; or
ii. an ex-employee could request that we not mention him, etc. In these cases, or any other where you wish to explore what forms exist for us not to process your personal information for any particular purpose, please contact us at the above email address. Our Information Officer will let you know what options you have.

Security measures

The Deltec Group adopts the necessary technical, administrative, and physical security measures in terms of POPIA , for the protection of your personal information. We also oblige our service providers and suppliers to comply with the security measures required by POPIA to protect your personal information.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

The Deltec Group reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Notice at any time. The modified notice will be posted on our website, on our intranet or will be sent via email, or via any other means of communication. You can verify that the Notice has been modified with reference to the date of the last update. In case the Deltec Group makes a substantial change in the processing of your personal information, we will let you know through a notification to your email or announcing these changes on our website. Any changes made to our Privacy Notice will take effect the day after it is posted on our website. If you do not agree with the modifications, please contact our Information Officer.

Company: Deltec Energy Solutions
Contact Number: 011 864 7930
Physical Address: 6 Liebenberg Street, Alrode, Alberton, Johannesburg

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